“Thanks to Nicole I get compliments on my arms!  I’ve gone to Nicole’s class since 2007.  I’ve lost 15 lbs, gone down 3 sizes, and have kept it off.  The best part is feeling stronger and having more energy every day.  Nicole is a kind motivator and designs workouts for every fitness level.  She is very creative and fun with her class.  She ensures you are doing every exerise safely and with proper form to avoid strain or injury.  I’ve never been a morning person, but will get up 4 times a week for Sunrisers Bootcamp!”  -Katie R., Santa Barbara, CA      (Sunrisers)


“Best workout of your life.  She caters it to what you are aiming to work on.  A great mix of cardio, weight lifting and so much more.  If you need to be self acountable to go and workout, this group is for you.  I missed this morning and I still feel guilty about it :) .   Nicole is awesome with sports injuries as well and her knowledge of the human body is very extensive!!!  Thank you for everything!!”  -Jane G., Santa Barbara, CA      (Launch @ Lunch)


  “I have been training with Sunrisers (her early morning bootcamp) group since October of 2011).  I was recovering from shoulder surgery, so I was out-of-shape and lacked strength.  Since starting the group, and improving my diet, I have lost about 18 lbs. and gone from 30% body fat to almost 24%–not to mention almost totally rehabbed my shoulder!  Nicole has the ability to zero-in on what motivates each individual, and she really wants participants to have fun.  We rarely repeat workouts, so your body is always confused (in a good way) and you never get bored!  I recommend you work with Nicole if you are ready to change your approach to fitness and diet.  You will get results!” -Michelle B.,   Santa Barbara, CA          (Sunrisers)  


“Hands down the Best ourdoor full-body fitness program in Santa Barbara!  Our trainer, Nicole, is amazing!  She combines cardio & strength training within a great group dynamic and makes exercising fun!  Her class is neve the same–she finds new ways to motivate and challenge us & you’re outdoors, not stuck inside a boring gym, so you get the benefits of fresh air while enjoying the beauty of the ocean and mountains!!  It’s the best workout I’ve ever experienced and i’m finally getting into the best shape of my life— The best part??  Im done with my workout by 7am!!  -Dee E., Santa Barbara, CA        (Sunrisers)   



 ”I have been coming to Nicole’s classes 2-3 days a week for over 3 years now.  It has become a highlight of my life!  She is an amazing trainer with expert knowledge about the body and how best to work the muscles; and she is genuinely passionate about what she does and caring toward each of us in class.  She makes every workout really challenging and different every day!  I’ve never been in such a creative class, and I’m doing things I never thought I could do!  he knows how to push us hard, but also offers great modifications for anyone who needs it.  I am very thankful to have the opportunity to do so many strength building, cardio, toning and stretching exercises and be outside in beautiful Santa Barbara wth great people!  Nicole has a lot of great equipment, so class is never boring or routine!  Many friendships have formed int he class, which makes ging to class even more fun!  As one person in class said recently ‘We are running at 6am, and we’re smiling – Nicole is doing something right!’ “ -Nicole C.,  Santa Barbara, CA      (Sunrisers and Launch @ Lunch)