Personal Training / Corporate Fitness

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Personal Training

Sessions are catered to your needs whether you are wanting to lose weight, rehabilitate injuries, build muscle or increase your cardio capacity.  I take a holistic approach to your workouts with body work/massage and nutritional counseling added in to help you reach all of your goals.

Corporate Fitness

Classes are adapted to fit the needs of the company and the employees.  They may include metabolic training, circuit training, back and posture strengthening and training and core training with equipment such as kettle bells, medicine balls, TRX, resistance bands and free weights.  Individual nutritional counseling is provided as part of every package.

Program Benefits Include:
Decreased cost of health insurance and sick leave for your employees
Increased productivity and overall attitude
Expert advice on fitness and nutrition


“I cant get enough of these afternoon sessions.  It’s the perfect way to spend an hour break during a work day.  You get so much done in an hour and the best part is that classes are always different.  You definitely get out of the class what you put in.  For me, I am heavily challenged every session.  3 hours a week have never been so efficient and effective for training.  I notice the results in my tone and more-so in my strength in other areas like running and cycling.  The class has been a great addition to my routine and I would recommend it to anyone from an athlete to someone who is looking to get back into physical activity.  I will continue as long as the session is offered.  Thanks Nicole!”

-Erick S., Carpentaria, CA


“Mrs. Nicole Newlon is one of the most talented trainers I have ever met.  Nicole brings a loving (caring) but disciplined approach to training and never loses focus on your well-being.  My highest recommendations are given to Nicole; she has the expertise you can trust for a life time.”

-Erma Z., Santa Barbara, CA


“I have been working out with Nicole since June of 2008.  To date, I have lost close to 8% of my body fat and have noticed a significant change in my stamina and overall fitness.   I have always been a competitive athlete and played in every sport throughout my adolescent and adult life.  In 2004, I suffered a slipped-disc which required surgery.  Following my surgery I was apprehensive about exercise; this resulted in muscle loss and weight gain. Nicole is passionate about her work and clients.  She provides the tools for you to succeed on every level and has helped me to build strength and confidence.  Boot camp is fun, exhilarating and affords you an opportunity to regain the competitive edge.

Thank you, Nicole, for getting me back into the game!!”

-Kelly O., Solvang, CA