My therapeutic massage techniques will get you on your feet, centered, and ready to conquer!

I specialize in deep tissue massage, specifically of the neck, with upper back and shoulders included.

I also specialize in prenatal massage.  Since becoming a mother and realizing first hand the strain pregnancy and early motherhood is on the body, I became anxious to relieve the soreness in others.

Massage Specialties:

Deep Tissue

Addresses the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  This massage aids in the relief of chronic muscle tension.  It is strongly recommended for old as well as new injuries to restore flexibility, circulation and relieve pain.


Wonderful for the aches and pains that come with pregnancy.  The hips and low back are typically the main focus of this side-lying massage. Deeper techniques are used in the areas that are experiencing the most discomfort, while Swedish techniques are used elsewhere to reduce stress and flush fluid to reduce swelling from extremities.


Combined with deep tissue massage, sports massage is designed to focus primarily on joint dysfunction.  It is key for those with muscle tears, sprains, pulls and chronic pain.  Some common areas are knees, wrists (carpal tunnel), and shoulders (rotator cuff).


A full body massage that relieves stress and tension, while enhancing blood and lymph circulation.  An extremely peaceful and relaxing massage.

Workplace Chair Massage

Available for your workplace.  It helps employees decrease aches and pains, reduce stress, lessen anxiety, increase morale, improves immune function and decreases the chance of injury.


$85 – 1hour     $115 – 1.5 hours

Packages:  $240 for 3 – 1hour massages    …    $450 for 6 – 1hour massages

(*May be added charge for excessive distance)